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POV-Ray Gallery

Disclaimer: All images in this gallery were created with POV-Ray and no postprocessing was done. No pixels were harmed during the rendering.

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Escher Dices

Escher Dices - Click to enlarge

M. C. Escher made great drawings with geometric shapes. Who knows what he would have created if he had a computer with POV-Ray... This picture shows one of his famous shapes.

Source code (~1 KB)

Thing Without A Name

Thing Without A Name - Click to enlarge

After playing with while-loops this one came out. I especially like the wood texture. It's a standard wood texture that comes with povray. I only added some reflection.

Source code (~2 KB)

Glass Dices

Glass Dices - Click to enlarge

I owned one of these glass dices in my childhood. Now I can have as much as I want.

Source code (~1 KB)

Fractal Landscape

Fractal Landscape - Click to enlarge

I'm also interested in fractals. So I created a fractal image with a fractal program. After adding some smoothness it was ready for the heightfield. That's it. Simple and fast.

Source code (~197 KB)

First Attempt

First Attempt - Click to enlarge

This was my first attempt on povray. It's not the famous reflective sphere on checkered floor everyone 'has' to make as first picture. ;-) I've not known this when I was creating this picture.

Source code (~1 KB)