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POV-Ray Gallery

Disclaimer: All images in this gallery were created with POV-Ray and no postprocessing was done. No pixels were harmed during the rendering.

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Boule reloaded

Boule reloaded - Click to enlarge

Some time ago I did a picture of boule spheres. It became very famous in the Google image search: Place #1 when you search for 'boule'. :-D On the Blender 3D Model Repository I found a good seamless texture for a dirt ground. That's why I reloaded the old boule spheres. Let's see if it can beat the old ones on Google.

This is probably my last render done entirely in POV-Ray. Over the last months I worked into Blender and I find it simpler to model complex scenes there because of the direct visual feedback.

Source code (~900 KB)

Digital reconstruction of the Wiprecht castle

Wiprecht castle - Click to enlarge

I did this digital reconstruction for the local history club in my hometown. It's a castle from the 11th century that was built by a robber baron named Wiprecht. More informations can be found in the German Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Julia Gold Nugget

Julia Gold Nugget - Click to enlarge

This was my entry for the POV-Ray Fractal Raytracing Contest that was initiated by Paul Bourke. It was not very successful but at least I got a "Maintainers choice" credit. I used three point lightening for the first time.

Source code (~2 KB)

Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife - Click to enlarge

The pocket knife is my most detailed model so far. All parts are hand coded. The nice metallic reflections appeared after I put a box with some photos of my home around the knife just for fun. I was very excited how easy it is to simulate a real environment...

Source code (~2 KB)

Thing Without A Name No. 2

Thing Without A Name No. 2 - Click to enlarge

This came out on a boring afternoon. I tried very hard, but I was not able to find a name. So it's 'Thing Without A Name No. 2'.

Source code (~2 KB)


Boule - Click to enlarge

Boule is a game I often play with my friends in the summer time. It comes from France and there it is also called Pétanque. The ground was made with the help of the people of the povray.binaries.images newsgroup at news.povray.org. I strongly recommend this group for all who have not heard of it until now.

Source code (~2 KB)