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Diploma thesis is online

After six long years I finally graduated at university and got my diploma in computer sciences. I did some research in the field of Artifical Intelligence for Skat again. The diploma thesis is available online in full text.

Last render with POV-Ray

I'm sorry, but today I did probably my last render with POV-Ray. I found Blender and like it very much for modelling. Maybe I'll use POV-Ray for rendering my next pictures.

Bachelor thesis is done

Last year I did a lot of programming for my computer Skat programm JSkat and my bachelor thesis. Of course it was about computer Skat. ;-) If you are interested in the results have a look at the short overview I have on my homepage or read the full text (in German, unfortunately).

New picture in gallery

Was it really in 2002 when I added my last serious rendering to my gallery? I can't believe it. In 2003 I did an animation of a medieval castle that is only a ruin these days. I tried to rebuild it like it was in the 11th century. I made a little page with informations about this animation. And I was mainly programming my card game called JSkat. But sometimes I have to come back to still renderings. That's why I participated in the POV-Ray Fractal Raytracing Contest. And this came out.

Redesign Of b0n541.net

Hi, here is the freshly designed homepage of b0n541.net. I played a lot with HTML and CSS lately. This is the first incarnation.

And don't forget to visit my Thumbnail Gallery.

Why b0n541.net

If you ask yourself what b0n541 means here is the answer:

When I'm surfing the net I use the nick name Bonsai. But unfortunately there is very much bonsai stuff in the net. There was no way to get a domain like 'bonsai.something'.

On the other hand I don't want to get sued by someone because I used their company name as a domain. So I decided to change all letters in bonsai with a number if possible. Look at the metamorphosis:


I didn't find the string with the search engines I know. That's why my home page is called b0n541.net.